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taking the exam

How can i take the exam. I think i only have 7 days to take it. Please help me.


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I can't take the test for 11/6 video
Please help, can't take the test for the 11/6 video

How do I get to my Dashboard for the course I took on Sunday? Today is Tuesday, Aug. 20th.

I’m stuck at verification of attendance... “In progress” I checked YES and get message “trouble updating your answer” any ideas?

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I finished two segments of Teletherapy Bootcamp and finished their surveys during live session.  I finished one segment the following day but could not find how to finish corresponding survey or final exam.  Please advise.  Thank you

I finished three segments of Teletherapy bootcamp after live session (purchased the course)  I could not find out how to log back in and finish the course or take the final exam.  Please advise.  Thank you

I took all 4 sections of the Teletherapy Boot Camp.  I received the Course Complete CEU form from you, which awarded me 7 CEUs from your site and from California.

However, I was not able to access the ASHA exit survey at the end.  I paid $14.99 for ASHA CEUs and would definitely like to receive those CEUs which I earned.

Easiest fix for this -- could you please just e-mail me the ASHA ending questions directly, and I will then fill out and send the completed form to them.

Thank you!

Hi, I viewed the recorded version of the Tele-therapy Bootcamp as I am in Australia and in another time zone. After viewing, there was no quiz for me to take. Please advise how could I get a completion certificate? Thank you!
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